Saturday, May 21, 2016

Great times in #SanFransisco and #siliconvalley #blog #mikepenrod #jeniyapenrod

Great times in #SanFransisco and #siliconvalley #blog #mikepenrod #jeniyapenrod#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Friday, May 20, 2016

We had to stop by #facebookHQ at 1 Hacker way! while in Silicon Valley. #blog #mikepenrod #jeniyapenrod

We had to stop by #facebookHQ at 1 Hacker way! while in Silicon Valley. #blog #mikepenrod #jeniyapenrod#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

LegalClick - Lawyer Market Network

LegalClick  Lawyer Market Network

LegalClick, Lawyer Market Network. With our vision to help people get better access to legal information and services, we are proud to launch all the legal services under one user-friendly platform.

LegalClick, the legal SaaS platform for lawyers, is a market network for lawyers to sell their legal services directly to clients with the document assembly-shopping cart in our app and website.

We connect local lawyers directly to the local clients, with unique tools that allow a lawyer to upload their legal services directly to their profile. Clients then use the app or website to search for lawyers near them. To get the location, the app, and the website uses GPS and Geolocation respectively. Clients can also search for lawyers using lawyer name or legal service they require. With the detailed information on Lawyers, their areas of expertise, their experience, the fee for their services, & their feedback ratings, clients can decide which lawyer they want to hire.

LegalClick’s technology gives the local lawyers the necessary tools to compete with the large legal online companies while giving the clients a personalized, local and on-demand experience. This revolutionary technology provides the first legal document assembly platform that allows a person to streamline finding a lawyer.

Let's get rid of the time-consuming legal meetings and lengthy conversations. Let the LegalClick ensure that hiring a lawyer for any legal service is simple, quick & can be completed on the app or the website even by a layman.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What a great speaker @ChrisSacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick LegalClick

What a great speaker @ChrisSacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick LegalClick#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Conversations with Chris Sacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick Legal Click

Conversations with Chris Sacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick Legal Click#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Great investor presentation @bling0 @davidhornik @CollisionHQ #blog #legalclick @LegalClick

Great investor presentation @bling0 @davidhornik @CollisionHQ #blog #legalclick @LegalClick#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod