Thursday, April 28, 2016

What a great speaker @ChrisSacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick LegalClick

What a great speaker @ChrisSacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick LegalClick#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Conversations with Chris Sacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick Legal Click

Conversations with Chris Sacca @Sacca @Harper #blog #legalclick Legal Click#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Great investor presentation @bling0 @davidhornik @CollisionHQ #blog #legalclick @LegalClick

Great investor presentation @bling0 @davidhornik @CollisionHQ #blog #legalclick @LegalClick#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Secret Weapon @work Collision Conf #collisionConf #blog LegalClick Mike and Jeniya Penrod

Secret Weapon @work Collision Conf #collisionConf #blog LegalClick Mike and Jeniya Penrod#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

"Collision Conference" #NOLA #Blog LegalClick Collision Conf

"Collision Conference" #NOLA #Blog LegalClick Collision Conf#MikePenrod via Facebook @MikePenrod

Sunday, April 24, 2016

LegalClick interview with BayouBuzz before Collision Conference 2016

New legal profession app plans to click big at new Collision Conference in New Orleans
Just How far are attorneys, their prospective and actual clients, willing and ready to go to connect online? This is one of the questions that will be explored this week in New Orleans, as a new online app focused upon the legal profession shares its story, and product, with thousands of investors, potential customers, other startups and technology advocates, exchange ideas and information at the city’s first Collision Conference.
One of the products on display is the interesting app, LegalClick, which will be doing its soft launch during the conference. The conference will feature personalities and professionals such as Brett Favre, Cal Henderson of Slack and many others.
I first encountered the online product after receiving an email from Mike Penrod who had seen a recent video and interview I had conducted with the organization's Head of Communication, Mike Harvey, published a few days ago. Penrod wanted to let me know about his product, since he read that I am an attorney.
One of the purposes of this post above and the link below to the rest of the article, is to discuss how an idea turns into a product and hopefully a business impacting millions of people across the nation.

The upcoming event here in New Orleans, this week, will display many businesses just like Penrod’s which is in the startup stage. The concept of this conference in New Orleans is to create a collision among startups, venture capitalists, technology companies, and thought leaders. It coincides with Jazz Festival week 2. Organizers believe it could be as large of an event as SXSW in the future. I agree.
Thanks again to local leaders such as New Orleans Entrepreneur Chris Schultz (and others) for helping to bring this event to the city.
Here is the rest of the article, with video interview
Also, if you want to know more about the event, here is interview with the Head of Communications, Mike Harvey.
Enjoy and please share with others..